Get fit and relax

Bird watching can be a very relaxing hobby, you get some nice relaxing time in natures playground with very little distraction. This is also a great time to get in shape, walking through the woods can burn a lot of calories since you are always walking in different terrain. With the different slopes and ground conditions under your feet this can be one of the best ways to get into the best shape ever. Since you are out in the middle of nowhere it’s very important to be prepared. I like to pack a large backpack full of supplies before I hit the road. Having extra clothes can pay off big when you are out in the woods bird watching. You never know when you could get a little wet or damp and start getting cold. I normally pack plenty of water as well so I can keep hydrated while on my adventure. Its also a good idea to bring along matches and some sun block and bug spray. I normally carry a few food supplements like APS Nutrition to help me keep my macros on point while I’m in the woods.

Bird Watching

Another thing to remember is to be sure to pack all of you camera equipment and be well supplied with any extra things you may need. It’s a great idea to grab extra batteries and memory cards so you don’t run out of power or memory space while searching for rare birds.

While you are on your bird watching adventure have fun and enjoy the wild but always remember safety. The outdoors is a beautiful place to be but it can also be a very dangerous place to be. It can really be a horrible experience if you aren’t careful and prepared for unexpected things. Simple things like a compass or natural protein powder can make a huge difference. You can pack a lot of powder that can get you buy for a couple days as far as nutrition and food goes and it’s very light weight. It’s my go to food source when I am out in the wild on my old. Having something that can replenish your energy levels and nutrition levels can be very important when you are out in the wild.

San Juan Puerto Rico has some beautiful spots to go bird watching, the area can be pretty tough so be sure to take a lot of supplies and get some suplementos in San Juan Puerto Rico for your adventure.