Getting fit while bird watching

Staying fit is pretty important even more so as we get older. Who wants to spend hours walking on a boring treadmill? Not me even if I have a great view looking out my living room window. Being out in the wild is my place for a clear mind, and there is no place better than watching birds. It’s fun and beautiful and you can walk several miles without even knowing you are getting in a ton of exercise. If you eat a decent diet full of good proteins and healthy fats you can get in really good physical shape with this hobby.  Let’s take a look at a few more places where we can enjoy some of the best birds in the world. Using good estrogen blocker pills can help keep you leaner and help remove unwanted water weight. This all helps when getting ready to go bird watching.

Fitness and bird watching

Tsavo national park

It is one of the second largest National Parks in Kenya after Tsavo East N.P with an area of 9,065 sq kms. Tsavo has a bit of History in 1900’s during the building of the railway where many workers were killed by the notorious man-eating lions. You might have read or seen a movie “Man-eaters of Tsavo”. A visit to Mzima Springs, as you are walking along the trail here you will see species like Water Thick-knee, Giant Kingfisher and many more.

Tsavo East National Park

ne of the largest National Parks in Kenya with an area of 11,747 sq kms. The habitat here is drier but turns green during the raining season. The bird species you see here are different from Tsavo West N.P. Here you will see Taita Fiscal, Pale Prinia, Chestnut-headed Sparrow Lark and Red-winged lark. You can do a day trip to Taita Hills from Tsavo East N.P. Taita Hills is a highland forest where you get the 3 Taita special birds like Taita Thrush, Taita White-eye ( sub species of Montane White-eye ) and Taita Apalis ( sub species of Bar-throated Apalis ). Others included Striped Pipit, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler and Stripe-cheeked Greenbul.